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All right, so.
As the title implies, I'm writing/typing/whateveryou'dliketocallit this entry is just to figure out who has a account.
I have one myself, so naturally I'm curious if anyone else does. There are some of you people who like to write, oui?
So other than :iconl0ch--ness: who I've already discovered, I just wondering if there were anyone I didn't know about.

If you do happen to have a account, feel free to let me know your username so I can subscribe or something.
Or if you find that too creepy or something, you can either tell me you have one but do not leave an account name, or you can ignore this completely and pretend you don't have one. That's totally fine with me.

Anyway, if you do decide to speak up, I'm sure you'll know me when I subscribe. Or you subscribe to me. Or whatever.
This reason is because my the SAME AS MY DEVIANTART NAME. :icondramaticplz::iconohmygodplz: :iconpeanutbutterjellyplz:

Yeah....don't ask about the peanut butter jelly time thing. I just felt like it, okay? XD

See ya 'round!


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Uhh...I'm not quite sure what to stick in here.
You can find everything that I'm willing to say about myself down in my Interests.

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dakki-dono Dec 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
Thanks for the fave!
Thank you so much for the Watch :happybounce::squee:
you're welcome! :)
cautioncone16 Nov 12, 2012
In Canada, do you guys have parking lots for your police force, or do you have stables?

If canadian bacon is slicced ham, then what the hell is slicced ham called?

Have you ever seen grass?

And how many times do you say "eh" a day?
What, no polar bears or igloos or lumberjacks?

Anyway, we've got both lots and stables. It's a very unique occupation.

Sliced ham is simply called ham, though some call it 'American bacon'.

And no, never seen grass. It's just snow and more snow and sometimes rain. but slushy, cold rain that's actually just snow.

The average Canadian says "eh" about 387 times a day. 457, if you're passionate.
cautioncone16 Nov 13, 2012
.....I knew it!
And Canadians don't have blood. We bleed maple syrup.
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Can I ask you something? How do you put up fanfictions on this website? I tried to put one up a few days ago, but it says that only text, HTML, and PDF files are allowed. I use Microsoft Office Word, which is a DOCX file. Which programs provide text, HTML, or PDF files? (I have Adobe Reader X, but I have no idea how to use it for making stories.)
Open up your microsoft word file, copy and paste the text, and when you go to submit the story, click 'add text' instead of 'upload files'. Paste your story in there.
At least, that's what I do, anyways. Hope this helped and good luck! :)
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